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Sophie, 18, UK

I like to cry over TV, music and football. Hoping to study Civil and Structural Engineering at Leeds University.

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Here is Germany unveiling the World Cup trophy in Germany today

Manuel Neuer (244) completed more passes at the World Cup than Lionel Messi (242). x

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A Sassy kiss for superwholockthecomic's Fanwork Friday! Plaid is my favourite thing to draw XD

otp: mandy & mickey x happiness

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nat ur al se lec tion

(noun) the process by which forms of life better able to adapt to competition survive [ex. that courtney love you married for ten minutes]. [ex. just you and me, buddy].

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The first 3 minutes of In The Flesh was all it took for me to be hooked. Give it a peek, it’s worth your time.

If you like character-driven zombie shows featuring canonically queer lead characters that raise genuinely interesting and complex moral and ethical questions about discrimination, health care, politics, self-identity, mental health, religion, and society in general…uh…you definitely need to be watching In The Flesh. 

“A British company has produced a “strange, alien” material so black that it absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of visual light, setting a new world record. To stare at the “super black” coating made of carbon nanotubes – each 10,000 times thinner than a human hair – is an odd experience. It is so dark that the human eye cannot understand what it is seeing. Shapes and contours are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent abyss.”

At the Void’s Edge: Blackest is the new black: Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can’t see it…   (via x-a-z-a-x)

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so Hange does impressions sometimes to break cheer up Levi

I drew this one for mindxcrash, please enjoy my appalling sense of humour. 

click for better quality <3


what even is this show


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