i’m trying, i’m trying
to let you know how much you mean
as days fade, and nights grow
and we go cold {x}

He’s all I need I’m all he’s got.


From Dusk Till Dawn Color Palettes
   ↳ 1x6 Place of Dead Roads


For the longest time, it’s been bugging me everytime I see Kate on From Dusk Till Dawn because she always looked familiar, but I could never make out where she was from.

I finally figured it out.


That’s right. She was Ethel on Shameless. I wasn’t ready for this revelation.

it’s you and me

you are a better man than you daddy ever was

"the greatest night in the history of chelsea football club"



list of things you should never say to your brother, ever

  • 'i get all tingly when you take control like that'
  • 'be my valentine?'
  • 'okay honey?' before slapping his ass
  • add his name in the list of ‘hottest psychic’
  • 'aw he's playing hard to get, thats cute'
  • answering ‘you…

fucking sebastian stan

— everyone scrolling down their dash (via samsangel)

2 years ago today (24/4/12)